Pull, Push, Let Go (feat Eligh)

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Call several times
to show you care, but you never come by.
If you did you would see
broken lights, but that's how it's gotta be.

We tried...
Pull, push, let go.
Timing is everything,
you said so.

How does it taste?
Does it burn and crinkle your face?
Do you see what I see?
Is it clear that we're where we ought to be?

We tried...
Pull, push, let go.
Timing is everything,
you said so.

Pushed you away, then I tried to pull back with a puppy and a promise of a cul-de-sac. A picket fence, paint it black cause you never came back, and the weather never got better, a veteran of misery. Complicated cadence kick around a can inside my head, I never say the words I wanna write. My demeanor cleaner, stronger, better yet to later hate the fader being only on the rocking chair at night. Television gleaming off my bod, for is what a sad sight. Had nothing closer to a fight for my life. Double-edged knife slice, heart slice and my part described in time inside. Screams like a newborn, and says I'm a winner and I made it through the winter, but the sun is getting hotter. Bought a ring and now it's in a pawn shop, I still think about you non-stop. The game, now I'm on top. I will not play victim. no longer the sick one with god as my witness. I'm in fitness mode, no longer pulling wool over my eyes. I'm an improviser, and the sky's core is on the rise. Hypnotizer, sympathizer, empathizer, because I give a shit my battery is energizer. Analyze a person under pressure cause you put me in a place of protection all from affection, infection is dangerous, feel like a stranger in love all because I pushed you out of my life, but now I let it go, hands are calloused and cold.


from We All Want To Fly, released June 1, 2010



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