An Ocean Of Great Whites (feat. Eligh)

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We see paper as power,
as sex and greed.
Pretending it's envy
that turns us green.

It's an ocean of great whites
with no notion of what's right.

We love it, we covet
hordes and hordes.
But it's not enough...
Give us more and more...

It's an ocean of great whites
with no notion of what's right.

The ocean is so vast, the ship I man is ancient. I'm a fisherman from the past and the fog bank is my blanket. Seven seas I crossed and crashed, and thrashed to gain some cash. Remain at mast until I see my freedom pass. Well, free to blast enemies, you know we need our gas. American dream, cars, and speed, we need it fast. Too fat to run, obese pockets compared to most. Exercising greed, funding war with mouths to feed. Peace don't make money like bullets killing kids on the streets. Police take the shape of the beast to get their piece. American pie, dry, sour, and poisoned foul. But who am I to criticize? I love my lifestyle. While they die of AIDS, death brigades run a shade. We toss food while they starve and waste away. But I've got my nicotine, caffeine, and satellite TV; pacified, satisfied, who am I to change the scene? I'd rather change the channel to a plot to make some dough. We fiend the green, compete and lean the boundaries too and fro. Right and wrong, which way is best? I must confess, economic future dismal so I've got to fail the test. An ocean full of great whites circling, taking bites. Murder, money, and greed we hurdle like days and nights. Single parents do what they must as well as those on the streets. All around the earth all gain, no peace.


from We All Want To Fly, released June 1, 2010



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